The Surface of Flowing Water

I find the subjects with a practical application the most interesting, so I was naturally drawn to Maths, Physics and Art. Using technical skills I have learned in these subjects has helped me to solve real life problems, and that is what attracts me to pursuing a career in Engineering. I also enjoy creative problem solving and expressing this through my Art and own projects.


I am passionate about designing and creating new things, and I like to make DIY projects in my spare time. I have documented these projects through video tutorials on my YouTube channel, called TAOW, which I have been developing since 2012. Through YouTube revenue and sponsorships I have managed to buy or make most of the tools that would be found in a fully equipped workshop as seen below.

Completing hundreds of DIY projects has also lead me to learn useful skills that I have applied to this project. I have explored many different materials through my own projects and studies, giving me a good understanding of material properties, limitations and dangers. This knowledge has helped me to experiment with creating art from a wide variety of materials, from wood to molten metal. Producing videos has also taught me a lot about photography, film making and video editing and throughout this project I have utilised these skills to present my work through both high quality films and photographs. 

I have always been fascinated with using my tools and equipment creatively and exploring new ways in which I can push the boundaries of these tools. In this project I use the surface of moving water as a vehicle to explore the capabilities of the tools and materials that I have access to in my garage.